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Shermin is a young girl who is in a dilemma to save her father’s life, and finally she makes a difficult decision.

Director:  Aida Tebianian

Festival selection:

• 73rd Montecatini International Short Film Festival Montecatini Italy
• 28th Canberra Short Film canbera Australia
• 22nd Topaz Film Festival Dallas, Texas United States
• 20th Luchezarniy Ange Mosco Russian Federation
• 22nd imagine India Madrid Spain September 15, 2023
• 16th balinale bali Indonesia June 5, 2023
• 16th Cheboksary film festival Cheboksary Russian Federation June 1, 2023 won award
• 7th cinema idea rom Italy
• 15h Kerala short and documentary Oscar qualifying kerala India
• 19th Kazan Muslim festival kazan Russian Federation
• 3rd falvaterra film festival falvaterra Italy won award
• 12th social justice film fest Seitel United States October 6, 2023
• 7th transhumant Girona Spain
• 11th Shawna Shea Massachusetts United States September 20, 2023
• 13th Farcume -Film Festival faro Portugal
• 3rd Jakarta film week Jakarta Indonesia
• 4th Skiptown Playhouse International Film Festival Hollywood United States
• 26th icaro Ícaro International Film Guatemala Guatemala
• 9th Asian World Film Festival LOS ANGELS United States November 1, 2023
• 15th World Music & Independent Film Festival United States
• 43th VGIK International Student Festival MOSCO Russian Federation
• 77th Salerno Italy finalist

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