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The Year of Cat

The Year of Cat Poster

A man who is close to death many times, but every time he survives and dies in front of many people

For Rana

For Rana Poster

Aref lives with his wife and their daughter Rana. He intends to break the world record for motorcycle ramp jump, but gets entangled in family events that put him in a dilemma.

The Distance


Elnur, who was enjoying his independent student life in the capital, gradually loses control of his right hand. His accelerating condition leads to his failure of the written exams at the university. While dealing with his recent failure, Elnur gets a call about Ilgar’s, his elder brother’s visit. After getting a job as a private driver, Ilgar decides to move to the city, leaving his family behind. This sudden turn puts Elnur in a difficult situation as he understands that he will have to live with his brother and his secret eventually will be revealed.


LAND OF THE DEAD DEER Dirctors: Anahita Qarcheh, Soroush Javadzadeh

A boy who hasn’t yet gone to school has a sphere that he uses to see his own dreamy world. One day, he sees a deer through it and follows it into an abandoned school. But he doesn’t know that it’s a graveyard of children’s dreams.


3Days,3Murders Director: Masud Aminitirani

If you are a killer, you will stay and if you are killed, you will leave this house and the world very soon.Every sin prolongs your life.

Law of Tehran

Just 6.5 (Metri Shesh-o Nim)

The city is brimming with drug addicts, many of whom are homeless. Samad, a member of Anti-Narcotics Police Task Force, is looking for a drug kingpin, Nasser Khakzad. After several operations, Samad manages to track him down at his penthouse, where he’s committed suicide but is still alive.



Amna is looking for a way to convince herself that lying is not a problem for her from the Islamic point of view, when Amna and her husband, Ahmed, go to court, the result does not go as expected. They claim that the young boy who was passing by on the day of the car accident stole the woman’s gold under the pretext of helping them. that they have to take an oath to determine the final verdict, the young boy and Amna swear, but Amna’s wife is not ready to swear, it creates the illusion in Amna’s mind that the stolen gold might be in front of her

Rhinos Conquered The Middle East

Rhinos Conquered The Middle East

Elias is a theater actor. He has been successful in the theater for a short time in the past, but now those days are long gone.
Elias is now suffering from severe constipation. This problem has caused him pain and suffering and has affected his private and professional life. He is now trying to get out of this situation

Punch drunk

Punch drunk

Mahtab lived in Tehran in 1996, along with her 10-year-old child, Erfan. She has got divorced from her husband, Morteza, who is in jail. Mahtab has enrolled her child in a karate class so that he does not end up like his father as far as his character is concerned. Erfan’s only interest is cinema, and couldn’t care less about sports. Hassan Khoshnood, the tough and serious karate instructor with his dictator-type methods, causes Erfan to, one day, run away from the karate academy in the middle of exercises.

Bright House

Bright House

Forty years old Roshan is totally broke! He has paid all he had for a flat in a complex whose construction does not seem to end! His wife Maryam thinks he is passive about life and his family, even about Maryam’s affair with a close friend! When Maryam asks for a divorce and the court awards the custody of their six years old daughter to her, Roshan finds himself a big loser in life. Now it is time for him to do something and to prove he is not the person he used to be anymore.